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WALT exists to decrease hearing damage among shooters

Shooting has been a long tradition for the Walters family whether that be hunting, sport shooting, or self-defense. WALT was founded in 2020 when Robert & Jordan Walters were tired of these shooters developing long-lasting health conditions from not wearing hearing protection. Understandably, shooters are tired of choosing between their situational awareness, or wearing hearing protection. Studies show that hunters are three times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s/Dementia and much more likely to have a lower quality of life and depression at an older age. We knew we needed to do something to address this by creating practical and innovative silencers for the hunting, defense, and sport shooting community. Based in Utica, Nebraska our shop has a number of innovative silencer solutions that are meant to revolutionize the shooting industry.


Robert Walters – Cofounder

Robert Walters formerly designed silencers under contract for the Marine Corps, with a specialty in lightweight integrally-suppressed weaponry. He has been a life enjoyer of God’s creation in the outdoors, whether it be hunting, trail-riding, or football games. 

Jordan Walters – Cofounder

Jordan Walters is a passionate outdoorsman whose mission is to glorify Jesus Christ by helping others through entrepreneurship. This passion for hunting and personal hearing loss inspired the idea for this venture. In his free time, Jordan also loves to skydive, travel to new places to hunt, and be with others in his local community.