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Why Protect Hearing?

Shotguns when fired unsuppressed typically produce 155-160 dB which is loud enough to permanently damage your hearing. Because of this hearing damage, hunters are three times more likely to develop Dementia/Alzheimers. Hearing damage is also closely linked with depression and low quality of life. We are on a mission to decrease this hearing damage by making the world’s most practical shotgun silencer.

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Why Silencers?

It’s understandable why 75% of hunters never wear hearing protection. Hearing protection decreases your situational awareness which makes all parts of hunting harder. Silencers are the best solution for hunters as it decreases the dB level at the source of the shotgun barrel. Even if you purchase noise cancelling hearing protection, you’re still going to be damaging your dog’s hearing, along with the people around you. Silencers are the best all-in-one solution to shoot quiet.